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25 Ways To Grow Yourself

25 ways to grow yourself

25 Ways To Grow Yourself When it comes to making changes for the better and wanting to grow yourself, even small steps can move you closer to your dreams. Get started today. Choose your favorites from these options and experience real benefits. Keep a journal.  Buy a beautifully-covered blank note book and journal to your heart’s desire. ✴ Jot […]

The Questions You Ask Yourself Can Ch...

the questions you ask yourself can change your life

A few weeks ago, I met with an old friend to catch up over coffee. She had lost her job and despite plenty of interviews has been unable to find another. “What’s wrong with me?” she asked. “Why won’t someone offer me a job?” She wasn’t conscious of the questions she was asking. They just […]

5 Essential Oil Recipes To Suit Your ...

The history and origin of  Aromatherapy

Try these five really simple aromatherapy recipes to suit your mood and enhance the atmosphere in your home. 5 Essential Oil Recipes to Suit Your Mood | DIY Aromatherapy Recipes Related articles across the web Aromatherapy At Home 25 Ways Essential Oils Makes Your Life Better Essential Oils on the Go 50 Reasons To Stockpile […]

You Cannot Be Lonely If You Like R...

you cannot be lonely

  Too many people rely on others for companionship and happiness. When you learn to like yourself and find enjoyment in your own company you will never be lonely. You Cannot Be Lonely If You Like The Person You Are Alone With  

Homemade Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash Rec...

tea tree oil facial wash recipe

Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash Recipe Purify oily, acne-prone skin with this gentle, astringent tea tree oil facial wash recipe. This homemade facial wash recipe really gets rid of deep-down dirt and bacteria, but it’s gentle enough for daily use. Homemade facial cleansers are great because you control what’s in them – with only natural, healing […]

Hugs Not Drugs

hugs not drugs

We all know hugs make us feel good for a reason and it’s not just the warm embrace that gives us the loving feeling in our hearts. It’s far more than that. Don’t forget to hug someone today! 4 Ways Science Proves That Hugging Creates The Same Response As Drugs          

Stress & Anxiety Aromatherapy Re...

stress and anxiety aromatherapy

Stress And Anxiety Aromatherapy Recipe: Make Your Own Inhaler This fabulous little stress and anxiety aromatherapy remedy is perfect because you can keep it with you at all times and use it whenever you need to relax for a moment or de – stress. Pour a teaspoon of coarse sea salt or Himalayan salt in a very small dark glass […]

Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress

essential oils for anxiety and stress

Many people strongly advocate the use of essential oils for anxiety and  stress. There are no single best essential oils for anxiety and stress, but there are some scents that work better than others. It’s best to try a few different ones and take note of those that have the most calming effect on you. When using essential oils for anxiety and […]

What Is Aromatherapy? Infographic

what is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is so much more than massage therapy, discover how this holistic methodology is used to contribute to your everyday health and well being.

Dealing With Panic Attacks

dealing with panic attacks

If you have panic attacks, it may help to comfort you that you are not alone! You’re not even one in a million. It is estimated that as many as 30% of the population suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. For some, it may be the occasional panic attacks that only crop up in particular situations-like […]

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