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  1.   difference between stress and anxiety

    If you have panic attacks, it may help to comfort you that you are not alone! You’re not even one in a million. It is estimated that more than 5% of the population suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

    For some, it may be the occasional panic attacks that only crop up in particular situations-like when having to speak in front of others, while for others it can be so frequent and recurring that it stops them from leaving their home.

  2. affimations work

    Before you can hope to master the universe, you must learn to master yourself, and so we will end with a return to the more personal level, and a popular theory from internationally-respected neuroscientist, Candace Pert, Ph.D.

    Her theories, based on her discovery of opiate receptors – cellular binding sites for brain endorphins – and her further laboratory research, may explain exactly how your thoughts and affirmations create your personal reality.


    patience perseverence and persistence Patience And Perseverance

    There is a saying: “Good things come to those who wait.” Affirmations do not produce immediate results, so be ready for this. Unless you win the lottery, your dreams of instant riches are unrealistic. Depending on the desired outcome of your affirmation, you may be waiting days, weeks, months or years. Be patient and persevere with your affirmations.


  4. 100% overhaul concept

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    It is wholly possible to accurately diagnose which energy meridians are disrupted using a process called muscle testing which is the foundation of Kinesiology. If we know where the disruption lies it is only necessary to tap on the points relating to those meridians, thereby getting right to the source of the problem. This is more or less what happens with TFT.

  5. the swimming pool story

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    EFT as we know it today was developed from an earlier technique called TFT or Thought Field Therapy by psychotherapist Dr. Roger Callahan.

    In 1980 Dr. Callahan had been working with a long term patient called Mary. She had an intense water phobia and they had been working for 18 months to try to clear it using normal, recognised techniques, but to no avail. Mary's phobia was so strong that she suffered frquent nightmares, stomach pain and severe headaches, all related to her fear.

  6.   the zzzzt effect

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    The Discovery Statement

    EFT is based upon this essential core statement

    "The Cause Of All Negative Emotion Is A Disruption In The Body's Energy System"

    It is important to fully understand this statement.

    Think of the "disruption" as the effect you would get if you poked a screwdriver into the back of your T.V or computer and wiggeled it around a bit. You would expect

  7.   eft the energy system of the body

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    The Energy System Of The Body

    Our bodies have an electrical nature. This is well-known and understood.

    • Electrical charges build up easily in living systems, you only have to experience a static shock to know this.
    • Signals to and from the brain via the nervous system are electrical in nature.
    • Interactions between the brain, body and external environment are electrical in nature and are achieved by the nervous system sending signals to the muscular systems.