kingfisherThe image above will give you a clue to our new name.

I’ve been procrastinating long and hard on the subject of revamping the website and re-branding The Blue Room – with so many different holistic therapies and treatments now on offer we have outgrown The Blue Room EFT.

Anyway fate, The Universe, call it what you will intervened a couple of days ago and through some unknown glitch or human error (probably mine) the entire website was wiped of years of hard work. Everything gone! Did I swear and moan and groan, did I become despondent, throw my hands in the air and panic? Too right I did! Absolutely, totally and completely!

And then this morning in the shower – I have all my best ideas in the shower – I thought “Hey, actually, despite being an absolute pain in the ass this is the perfect opportunity to begin putting in place what I’ve been procrastinating about for so long”

I have a fab new name and some great ideas and so for the next few weeks I will be beavering away behind the scenes preparing for our new reveal. In the meantime you can still contact me to book your favourite treatments – I have made a contact page and treatment and price list available for you.

Please check back now and again as one day in the not too distant future you will come to visit and find yourself redirected to our brand new home.